Strong River Camp


Camp's Federal Tax ID number?

Our Federal Tax ID number is 64-0621161. We have been advised that residential camps do not qualify for Child Care tax credits on your tax return, but you may discuss this with your tax preparer for more information.

How can I register for camp?

There are two ways to register for camp.  You can print out the paper application or register online when our new system is up and running.


Is it too late to register?

No! As long as we have places available we will continue to accept applications. It is best to go ahead and send in your application requesting your 1st choice rather than trying to confirm availability by telephone first. We can not hold places from a telephone conversation.

Are you going to have a two-week session?

Sadly, no. In the past we have let campers combine two sessions for a longer stay at camp, but we realize this isn't ideal. It is hard to say goodbye to friends and start over with a new session, especially when you are tired. If you are looking for a longer stay, check out Session 5. This year we are including an overnight camp-out and celebrating the 4th of July during Session 5 with lots of fun activities and a few surprises!


How does the Waiting List work?

When we receive an application for a session that is full we automatically put your name on the waiting list for that session. We do NOT deposit your check and you are notified that you are on the Waiting List. Your check is held with your application until a place becomes available. If a place becomes available we telephone and/or email you to find out if you would still like to come. If your plans have changed then we return your check and call the next name on the list. If you want the place, then we deposit your check and enroll you as a camper. 

If you have made a deposit by credit card for a session that is full you will be given a full refund. We think our new system will notify you immediately when a session is full and not charge your credit card.

When will we know if a place is available?

We will contact you if and when we get any changes. Typically, we get most of our changes around May 1st, when the camp fees are due. We also get last-minute cancellations. Some people on the Waiting List tell us they need to know in advance and some say they can pack in an hour. We will give you as much notice as possible and then the choice is yours.

Can we be on more than one waiting list?

Yes. You can be on as many session's waiting lists as you like. You may also accept a place in your second choice of sessions and remain on the waiting list for your first choice. If you accept a place in any session your check will be deposited and you will be enrolled in that session.

If my parents sign the permits for Horseback riding and the Ropes program am I required to do those activities?

No. All campers decide for themselves what activities they want to do and how long they want to do them. We want you to learn how to make choices for yourself and how to manage your time to be able to do ALL the fun things we do at camp.

If I am eleven and my friend is ten can we still be in the same cabin?

Yes. We do our best to honor your cabinmate requests. We will put friends together if they are one year apart in age but not more than one year apart. Usually the older camper is put in the younger cabin but sometimes a cabin has many such pairs making it half one age and half a year older.

If I have a big group of friends from my hometown will we all be together?

Maybe. One of our favorite things about camp is making new friends from different places. We like to have people from more than one town share a cabin together. If your group of friends is really large we may divide you between two cabins. During activity time you can still do things together and you can sit with whomever you like in the Dining Room at Magnolia's. Sometimes it does work out for you all to be together - but then you have to make an extra effort to make new friends.

If I don't bring a fishing pole or a tennis racquet may I still go fishing and play tennis?

Yes. Camp has fishing poles and tennis racquets and helmets for horseback riding and bicycles. You may bring your own equipment if you like or you can use what we have available. Make sure you have your name marked on everything you bring to camp.

What is the Boat Cushion used for?

At camp we call a Boat Cushion a "sit-upon" because we use it as a comfortable place to sit when we are having picnics. We can use them as a float when we play in the river or as a good, soft seat in a canoe. We also sell Crazy Creek chairs at camp which are useful when sitting on the ground. They are comfortable because they have a back to lean on but they don't work well as a float in the water. We have some extra Boat Cushions so if you don't bring one with you to camp just ask your counselor when you arrive and they will help you find one you can use for the week.

Why do I need a bandanna?

When we serve meals outside you will need to have your own cup and plate and you can use your bandanna as a napkin. We don't like to use paper products at camp because we are always looking for ways to take care of the environment. We will help you wash your plate and cup after the meal so you can use it over again. Besides that, your bandanna can be very useful as part of a costume on skit night...

If I am arriving at the Jackson airport or the small airport in Magee, can someone from camp meet me?

Yes. We need to know your travel plans in advance so we can arrange for a driver. In an ideal world, it would be best for you to arrange your flights to arrive mid-afternoon on Sunday and depart between 10 a.m. and noon on the day of your departure. Pick up fees for the Jackson Airport are $50 per person, per trip. Pick up fees at the Magee Airport or Hazlehurst train station are $25 per person, per trip.


What if I am allergic to peanuts or I'm lactose intolerant or I'm gluten free or I'm a vegetarian?

No problem! We do our best to accommodate all kinds of special diets. Mainly we need you to tell us how we can help. We can provide Silk or Almond milk and Gluten free bread, pizza and waffles. Frequently campers bring a small selection of their favorite food items - especially alternate desserts - which we can keep in the kitchen and make available when you need them. Vegetarians are usually very happy at camp as we grow a wide variety of fresh vegetables and have a salad bar available at every meal. Any camper may come to us during a meal and request an alternative choice if they are not happy with the menu. We are certain we can find something you enjoy!

I have a question that hasn't been answered here.  How can I contact you?

You can email Sarah Dabney at or call the camp at 601-847-4400.  More detailed contact information is available here.  We would love to hear from you!