Strong River Camp


To laugh often and love much,
As Emerson taught us to say.
To find our joy in being a friend,
And living the Strong River Way.
From miles around the campers come,
And look forward to the day,
When schedules end and freedom begins,
For living the Strong River Way.

If you're up early morning, and you're ready to go,
There's a counselor who'll show you the way,
To use your time wisely, and live your day fully,
When living the Strong River Way.

You can jump on a wagon and go over to the farm,
Where there's fruit and veg picking galore,
Like blueberries, peaches, plums, and tomatoes,
So delicious and so many more.
There's squash and zucchini, potatoes and corn,
And okra and lady peas too.

There's eggplant and cabbage and watermelon sweet,
Just waiting to be picked by you.

If sport is your hobby, then you're in the right place,
And it matters not how well you play,

It's enjoyment that matters, not winning or losing,
When playing the Strong River Way.

There are horses to ride on, and fishing at daybreak,
And there's shuffleboard and tetherball too,
There's a game of touch rugby, and ping-pong for others,
But maybe softball or archery's for you.
The soccer's great fun, especially in the rain,
And the tennis courts are open all day,
And if you want to get cool, you can jump in the pool,
When living the Strong River Way.

If you're here for two weeks then you're in for a treat,
For the overnight canoe trip's such fun,
With canoes full of food and your bed for the night,
We leave dock in the afternoon sun.
By sunset we're sitting around a campfire bright,
And it's time for some stories of awe,
And the sky forms your roof with its myriad of stars,
Just perfect with your warm, sandy floor.

If the quieter life is what you desire,
Then arts and crafts is for you.
Make bracelets, and pictures on paper and bookmarks,
Try knitting or ceramics too.
There are plays to perform in, and books to get lost in,
Or sit down on the back porch and play chess,
Take a walk 'round with Nature, or bird watch
And savor early morning when the day's at its best.

And when the day's nearly over, and darkness draws in,
It's at "Brown Cow" that our perfect day ends,
Where we'll sing a few songs and play a few games,
And thank God for our newly made friends.
And when the last drops of chocolate milk are finally sipped,
And we've all said our "Good Nights" to Tay,
Then it's time to reflect on the beauty and goodness
Of our life and the Strong River Way.


Martyn Howells, 1984, Counselor from Wales