Strong River Camp

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2017 Dates

1. Strong River 101 - June 7 - 10 (6 - 10 year olds)                                                     
2. June 11 - 17                                                                     
3. June 18 - 24 
4. June 25 - July 5 (10 days)                               
5. July 5 - 8 (3 days)
6. July 9 - 15 
7. July 16 - 22                                               
Strong River 101 is a special short session designed to introduce Strong River Camp to younger brothers/sisters, cousins, neighbors or anyone aged 6 - 10 who would like to spend three nights with us and experience a shorter version of camp. 
Sessions 2 - 7 are for boys and girls aged 7 - 13.
Session 4 is a 10 day session that will include an overnight camp-out and our 4th of July celebration!

Two-Week Option: Campers may combine Sessions 4 and 5 and stay in camp straight through for two weeks. These are the only two sessions when this option is available. 


CANCELLATION POLICY: In case of cancellation, if we are notified in writing by May 1, 2017, $450 of the $500 deposit is refundable. After May 1st, if we are notified in writing at least 10 days prior to the camp session, all payments less $200 will be refunded. Less than 10 days notice of cancellation will result in the forfeiture of fees paid.

For last-minute medical emergency cancellations we cannot refund fees paid but they can be used for an alternate 2017 session or applied to a 2018 session.


SCHEDULING CONFLICTS: No camper may leave camp during a session to participate in another activity. If a camper cannot commit to coming to camp for the full session s/he should not plan to attend camp. If necessary you may pick up your camper after the campfire ceremony late Friday night. Please discuss this with us in advance if this would be helpful to you.


All One-week Sessions = $1250

Session 1 and Session 5 = $600 (3-day sessions)

Session 4 = $2000 (10-day session)

Sessions 4 & 5 = $2500 (two weeks)



A deposit in the amount of $500 is due with the application and the remainder is due by May 1st.  Click a button below to register for camp. It is your option to pay the deposit only or the whole amount. 




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If you are paying for two campers who are already registered you may combine the amount into one payment by using the box below. List both children's names under "Camper First Name".

If you are already registered you do not need to re-enter phone numbers, etc. - just complete the fields marked in red.


New Option! - PAYMENT PLANS 

Now it is possible to register and/or pay your balance over time.

Enter your information once and our credit card company will automatically charge your card an installment every 30 days until your total is paid

If you choose this option you must enter the information for each camper separately.

If you are already registered and are only paying your balance you only need to complete the fields in red - we don't need your phone numbers, etc. again.

Once and Done!

Plan 1: Register for any one-week session and pay the $1250 fee by paying $500 today and 3 more payments of $250 each every 30 days. 

Plan 2: Register for Session 4 and pay the $2000 fee by paying $500 today and 3 more payments of $500 each.

Plan 3: Register for either of the 3-day sessions and pay $300 today and 2 more payments of $150 each.


Pay Your Balance Payment Plans for $750 and $1500 balances

Plan 4: Pay your balance of $750 by paying $250 today and 2 more payments of $250 each.

Plan 5: Pay your balance of $1500 by paying $500 today and 2 more payments of $500 each.


By choosing this option, payments will automatically be charged to your credit card today and either two or three more times, depending on the plan you choose.